The story on this little guy started a long time ago. My very close friend saw him in a mud hole along with a group of regular sized horses, he was so skinny she could see his back bone, and hips bones through a very thick coat of hair. Obviously being starved as the other horses weren't letting him eat. My friend stopped at the house and offered the people $50.00 dollars for him, not knowing whether he would live or not. She got him to her barn and called me immediately. I went over to see him and I was in total shock at how skinny he was and dirty. The first thing I did, was to start him on little bit of wormer, and we fed him lightly. We didnt know if he'd make it, but we gave our best. Wormed him a little everyday and increased his feed. Then when he seemed stable we started him on grain. Well it was a very happy life for him from that day forward. His age.???.. no one could guess, not even the vet, but it was old. He turned out to be a round, plump little guy and a joy to all the kids. He moved to our place and lived his life here while all the kids enjoyed him, including our dog Hooch. He finally had to be put down after many bouts with cancer and surgeries for the cancer. His bodily functions finally shut down and we had to have him put down. What a very sad night it was. We, nor all the kids who knew and still talk about him will always miss him.


These photos show Beetle and our dog Hooch.



These photos are Beetle in his nice green pasture and one with his little friend Muffins. They love each other.