We are pleased to announce from the boarders and friends who come to our stables that they have requested we put a testimonial page on our website, so they can express their thoughts of our facility and the treatment of their horses and of themselves........so here it is.

Thanks gang.......your all wonderful!!!

The first one is from an email  we received not long ago


carol, i finally had time to go through your entire website.  wow!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it...you are living my dream.  i love how you and your boarders are so close and the horses are beautiful and look very well cared for.  I have boarded in the past and hated it cuz they don't feed the horses correctly and not enough and all the horses are thin and don't look that well.  love it...can't wait to meet you sometime and all your barn buddies. That Kiger mare you have at the barn is unbelievable.  love to meet her too.


Hi Carol and Mike

I have been very lucky to have a great place like Quarter Moon Ranch
My horses Sunny, Jazzi, Coy, and Tandee have be treated wonderfully there.
I have had the pleasure of knowing you and Mike for over 9 plus years. I can't tell you
how great it is to be a part of the Barn People. My daughter's have boarded their horses there too. Emily and Cecily and I want to thank you for taking such great care of all our horses..  First time I met you and Mike I was greeted by a sheep and a small pony. We have been through rains storms, wind storms, floods and even an earthquake.  Our horses have been treated like royalty.
Have a great week.  Nicki

I have been to the Quarter Moon ranch many times...and have always been met

with outstretched arms and an open stall.  Carol and Mike make me feel like part
of their family.  Carol has helped me, and my horses, to learn and grow
together.  She always is there with a helpful tip, or new idea...and has years
of training experience under her belt.  She hosts clinics, trailrides, and
parties...and does them all equally well.  She met me online...and then spent
the better part of 3 days on the road to Chewelah, WA, right off the bat!  She is
the big sister I never had, and I Thank God, (and Bill Gates!) that I have her
for my friend!
 HugZ & Blessings
  From Lowpass Oregon
   Dawnita May
     Master Barber

Dawnita and Cita


I just had to say Thank you to Carol and Mike for all they do and all they give of themselves to the horses and owners. We all have so much fun and learn a lot from each other. We love the fact that each horse is treated like it's worth a million (and so are the owners).  What a great place to hang out and enjoy the horses and the people (friends) you meet. Thank you again.

Love ya , Holly, Steve, Sage, Maverick & TJ


Holly & Sage                                     Holly & TJ (use to be Q)                      Steve & Maverick

I enjoyed a quick tour of Carol and Mike's barn when we got back from lunch. Its as neat as a pin, and all the horses were fat and happy and had their blankies on for the night. What a nice place! If I ever have to board, I hope I find a place as nice, clean, and friendly as yours, Carol. And, I came home and felt guilty and brushed down my two little mud horses down  and put their blankies on for the night too.