Since the loss of our wonderful dog and friend Hooch, the house hasn't been the same. We found a wonderful Boxer breeder (Circle T Ranch) close to our home and this is who we picked out of 2 litters.

This little sweet collage was done by a friend of mine on one of my horse email lists

Thanks Angi

That's me on the top to the left....and my brothers and sisters. We have to get in this basket so we don't run all over while our pen is being cleaned out....ugh!




This is my first time outside in the grass....it was so fun, but sort of scary at first.



I played so hard, I got really sleepy......I even went potty in the grass for the first time...he he, and I chewed on stuff and tried to run, so that's the reason I'm so tired.

Be back soon with more photos of ME!!!  Arf-Arf! I cant wait to go home....yip-yip! I get to go home this Tuesday October 7th....eeeks..........I am so excited, and my mom and dad (human mom and dad) are just as excited too.

Yippee, I am home now and my human mom and dad are having way too much fun and so am I. I have this big house to run all over in.....and people come to see me and bring me new toys...wow.


I sort of blend in with this onld carpet, but heck, its sure fun to run on and um sometimes I have an accident on it....ooops, oh well, that's what happens and it keeps mom and dad busy...he he!!!


They found a tiny little puppy harness for me....now I can go for little walks with them. I don't have to wear it very much tho., and it doesn't even bother me. Oh, and that's my mom and dads friend Holly, that I fell asleep on. She brought me toys and I played and got really sleepy, I was tiny still then...but the next pictures are of me and Holly too, he-he.  As you can see, I am growing. The very bottom pictures are of me, knocked her down and she was laughing so hard, she couldn't stop me...ha-ha!! Those are the most recent pictures of me...big guy now. Here I am again, somewhat bigger than when I was sitting with Holly in the upper picture. I look pretty laid back...but I am wild as a march hare....most the time, jumping, running, biting, he he, driving everyone nuts, but they love me anyway.



The next ones are of another one of my victims....ha-ha, I jumped in Paula's lap and got her down too....and she also was laughing so hard, there was no stopping me....I am such a brat.




This is me at almost7 weeks old, cute eh?...he he, everyone thinks I am...!

Well now, I'll be a whole nine weeks old on Oct. 25th (tomorrow) and look at me now...he he, I am weighing over 10 pounds and I am ruff and tuff...he he....I love biting everyone and chasing people. I get to lay on the couch or anyplace I so desire...yippee...arf, arf.





Here I am on Korinne's lap and I am a lot bigger than she is...he he! I was about 10 months old here, I am soooo cute and I know it.

Well, here I am now at a year old, and playing with another boxer...he he!!! Oh, Im the big one...she is the little one...he he! We had fun on Chris's lap....she loves and is the owner of my female friend. By the way, I know way over 65 pounds...yahoo, I'm gonna be a big boy!




We played really hard outside and on Chris's lap and all over my house, our tongues were hanging out for the rest of the day...ha-ha!


Merry Christmas to all!!!



Here are some photos of my sisters. I get to go and play with them soon.....yippee. They both live with my human's friend. I cant wait to play with them. My bigger sister is a year old and my little sister is from another litter and she is only a couple weeks older than I am.


This is my proud daddy and I look like him now that I'm grown up.