Getting ready for the end of the year barbeque!



This is the barnyard area in front of the parking lot, with my favorite horse in the background.

Front of Arena barn and stable

This is looking out of the barn at the outdoor arean.


This photo shows the new stall addition and the lean-to for runs off the new stalls.  More photos soon.

Looking down the alleyway in the new section of the stable area


Inside the arena.  More stalls on the left.

Looking at the back of the arena..


Looking in from the front of arena, main stall area to the left and other stalls and trail, jump standard storage to the right.

There are two large gate entrances into arena from the main stall area.


This is inside the arena  from the front. We keep it dust free and worked up to insure clean air and good footing.


Looking out our drive from the house

Our front yard with connecting pasture to the left


Looking into our home driveway and front yard

Front yard with pasture to the left




Electric Security gate for the entrance to stable