This guy is our beloved Boxer

He is Mr. Personality PLUS. He loves people, and kitties and ferrets and any other living thing there is. He has his own kitty and her name is Sassy, she comes by it honestly.

HOOCH sitting the drivers seat of our motor home resting his head on the console.


HOOCh in the boat, and at Xmas

HOOCH and his very own kitty SASSY

Hooch in his winter blanket

With his Harley Davidson hat on, not liking it at all

Looking so pathetic on the hotel bed

Taking a nap on the kitchen floor with Tasha.

Hooch & his kitty, Sassy.

Napping with his kitty

Now this is what I call relaxed........taking a nap

This is MY dog

We don't care who we lay on as long as they don't care

We nap in the yard out in the warm sun too.....mmmm!

I know, I know, ya think I'm lazy! I just love napping!

Yes I lay on little people too, this is Korinne and I weigh more than she does

Here we are again......we love each other, ya think!?!?!

See, I do get up and move. I was out camping with mom and dad here.

Napping "again" with my friend, in the horse trailer. We were tired.

Sleeping again, I know, but I love my yellow duck too and I was really tired.

This is my cute mommy. I don't see her anymore and it makes me sad, but she untied the apron strings when I was a year old.

This was my friend for a long time, but he has passed now. He was the boss man.  His name was Boomer. He was a Schipperke and I really loved him.

This hanging on me and sleeping with me just never ends!!

She thinks she's so cute....har, har!!!

Finally she isn't on me........hee-hee, real sleep!!!

I'm sooooooo purrrrrfect!!!

Here on yet another lap and yes, you guessed it, Sassy too!!!

The Prima Donna in the moonlight, oh I mean Sassy...

Yep, this me in the snow fully awake and no Sassy.....hee-hee!!

No, she isn't in my mouth, but I'd like her to be.....heh, heh!! Just joking!!

No piece at all from her.....ugh, but I do love her. She was just a little baby!!!

I just let her get away with murder, now she has my toes!

No getting away from this pesky little Sassy cat

How's a guy suppose to get any rest!?!?!

Always on me, under me sheeeesh!!


So Sad.........Hooch and our family lost little Sassy. She is in kitty heaven. We all miss her so much.

This photo was sent to me by a friend through my horse email list. Its so beautiful.

We lost our beloved pet and friend "Hooch"

Truly a wonderful friend in our lives.

February 1998 - September 2008