These photos are of our total fun time at our cattle/ranch sorting!!!

Sandy, Steve, Holly, Brenda, Julie, Jack, Robin and Carol

This one was Julie, Brenda and Carol's first time......oh and Jack too.


Sandy working the cows

Brenda & Keaton waiting their turn.

Steve & Sage working the cattle

Steve still in the pen getting his cow

Brenda & Keaton entering the pen

Sandy & Holly

Holly & Sage going into the pen to get her cow

Carol & Clyde in the pen,Robin is getting her cow

Carol in the pen getting her cow, Robin in the pen

From L to R, Sandy, Carol, Robin & Jack, Julie

Robin and Jack

Carol, Clydeman and Julie and Que (coming thru the middle of the arena)

Julie and Que

Steve and Sage

Steve and Sage again


Steve and Sage in the pen again.

Brenda, big smile on Keaton

Sandy and her use to be show horse, aren't they pretty!!!
Sandy likes cattle sorting and trail riding better now tho', you go girl!!!